In-person and online event

Friday, March 18, 2022, 13.15 – 17.45

at the Faculty of Law of the University of Basel
in cooperation with
SIfJ Swiss Institute for the Judiciary


Judicial independence and separation of powers in Europe and Switzerland: need and possibilities for action

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The 1st Basel Conference “Judiciary” in 2021 dealt with judicial independence and the separation of powers. These are prerequisites for guaranteeing fundamental and human rights and are therefore important cornerstones of a democratic constitutional state. The conference provided an overview of what is needed to maintain this balance and where, how and in what way the balance is disturbed, and discussed what can be done to counter the various threats to these premises of the rule of law.

The 2nd conference followed on from this. It discussed the direction in which the situation of the judiciary has developed over the past year, what measures have been taken and where there is still – or a new – need for action.

In the first part of the conference, former European supreme court judges who are academically active in international law explained how judicial independence and the separation of powers are guaranteed in their (former) courts today and for the future, and what conclusions can be drawn from this with regard to Europe.

In the second part, renowned speakers addressed the question of how the strengthening of judicial independence should and can continue in Switzerland following the rejection of the Justice Initiative. Once again, a “view from outside” contributed to the information and discussion in Switzerland.

Both parts were deepened and concluded with a panel discussion, in which the participants of the conference were also involved.

The organizers

The conference “Judicial Independence and Separation of Powers in Europe and Switzerland: Need and Possibilities for Action” was organized at the Basel Faculty of Law in cooperation with the Swiss Institute of the Judiciary.

The conference was aimed at jurists, politicians and others interested in the organization of the democratic rule of law and the judiciary.

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