After dissolution by @TnPresidency of the High Judicial Council in February & dismissal of 57 judges in June, @UNIndepJudges urges #Tunisia to ensure the independence of the #judiciary & the tenure of judges, on #hungerstrike in protest.👉

#Ecuador: Como Relator de la #ONU sobre Independencia Judicial sigo con preocupación cierto hechos, dentro del contexto de la protesta indígena en curso impulsada por la Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas del Ecuador. (CONAIE).

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How did the #COVID19 restrictions affect civil society space and activities? @PACE_LegalHR has just held a hearing with Jeremy McBride from @coe INGO Conference and @FilipPazderski1 from @ISPThinkTank.

This morning @PACE_LegalHR adopted 2 reports: by @ZiyaAltunyaldiz on the misuse of Schengen Information System @schengen_info as a politically-motivated sanction and by @PieterOmtzigt on Daesh foreign fighters and their families returning to Europe.

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📚Lecture estivale | Lignes directrices @CEPEJ_CoE
s. la #vidéoconférence dans les procd. judiciaires, un ⚙️ pratique destiné aux professionnels de la #justice pour améliorer les délais de procédure, la qualité des services aux 👥 et plus encore. #cepej20

📚 Summer reading ⚖️The @CEPEJ_CoE Guidelines on #videoconferencing in judicial proceedings are a practical tool for #justice professionals to improve procedural delays, time management in #courts and quality services for users.
#effiencyofjustice #cepej20

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Aujourd’hui, nous célébrons le 20e anniversaire de la @CEPEJ_CoE dont les travaux visent à protéger et à promouvoir les #droitsdelhomme et l'#Étatdedroit en relation avec le fonctionnement efficace de la #justice.

↘️ En direct à partir de 9h #cepej20

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Preventing and resolving land problems is an important issue throughout justice systems. But evidence-based guidelines can help and now we seek a partner to develop clear and actionable best practices for Ogun State, Nigeria. Learn more: #DataCollection

Money is often presented as the solution to make the “stuck system” function again. But does that really help those who are involved? Read more about our project on the criminal justice system in the Netherlands on how the system could work differently:

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After multiple years following the #ISDS reform process at #UNCITRAL, @taylor__stjohn and I have put together a website that brings together our blogs and articles on the process, along with related publications and presentations.

📣Call for Papers!📣 As the research project State Consent to International Jurisdiction comes to an end, we invite paper proposals that scrutinize State consent to international law more broadly. Deadline: 15 Aug. Workshop: 29 - 30 Sept (online)

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@WFDemocracy: 10 years of participative debates #democracy #Newhope @coe @IrishRepCoE @IcelandCoE @YouthCOE @COECongress @PACE_News @Int_IDEA @ClubdeMadrid @EEDemocracy

#YouthActionWeek is officially on! Welcome to our guests!
For the next few days, young people are debating a variety of issues from the right to vote and non-discrimination, to “disruptive” youth participation and digital citizenship.

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Preventing #corruption among #judges ⚖️

General safeguards, #integrity, #ethical conduct, #conflictsofinterest and more: read the recommendations of the Consultative Council of European Judges (@coe CCJE).

Opinion n° 11 available in 🇧🇬🇭🇷🇫🇷🇩🇪🇮🇹🇵🇱🇷🇴🇷🇸🇪🇸🇺🇦

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Today is the DAY! Thanks to @RoutledgeLaw for giving me this opportunity @StalsPisa.

🔜Are you curious about the state of democracy & the rule of law in the EU? ⚖️🇪🇺

Join us and meet re:constitution fellows, alumni + experts from academia & practice to explore these challenges and possible solutions together.🥳

Register here 👇

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«Wir sind unabhängig und nur dem Recht verpflichtet»: Der St.Galler Kantonsrichter Patrick Guidon warnt vor einer Annahme der #Justizinitiative.

(1/3) Patrick Guidon, Präsident @SVR_ASM, zur Ablehnung der Justiz-Initiative: «Die Fachkommission hätte sehr viel Macht, wäre demokratisch aber schwach legitimiert und kaum derart breit aufgestellt wie die Gerichtskommission.»

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This week, the #vdLCommission meets to discuss:

🔹 2022 Rule of Law Report
➡️ State of play in the EU
➡️ Situation by country
➡️ Recommendations to EU countries

Am Fr im NR: Dienstrechtsnovelle
Leider nicht (mehr) dabei: Personalsenate zur Erstattung v Besetzungsvorschlägen f Präs/VizePräs OGH u die Übernahme in d richterl Vorbereitungsdienst. War in der Begutachtung noch drin!
und neu

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[Actu] Réforme de la PJ 🕵🏻‍♂️ #USMagistrats tout comme les enquêteurs s’inquiète, interroge ⁦@justice_gouv⁩ et ⁦@Interieur_Gouv⁩ 🇫🇷, sensibilise élus et presse !

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Last Friday we conducted #MobileLegalAidClinic at Th. Thimarafushi where we provided free legal aid services to the people of the island community.

Program conducted in collaboration with @ABARuleofLaw & @USAID


Thanks to our closest friends @ABAesq, BCM Execs are currently attending the ABA AGM & National Association of Bar Execs (NABE/NCBP 22) held in Chicago, IL. A week packed with sessions, dialogues, talks, roundtables and plenaries w/ colleagues joining from all over the world.

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#Secession involves a subunit of a #state breaking off, to form a new #state or to join an existing neighbor. In many countries, #secession is a major issue in #constitutional design, and can trigger further demands for #constitutional drafting

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The latest redistricting cycle continued to skew voting maps in favor of Republicans — but both parties still have ways to win a House majority.

If voters disapprove of an elected prosecutor’s approach to crime, they can vote him out. But that’s a call for the public to make — not the governor.

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